Primo Flavorstation

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  • Create fresh, sparkling beverages at the touch of a button with the Primo Flavorstation Liberty 120 starter kit. Your family will love making sodas, teas, fruit sparklers and energy drinks with customized carbonation intensity and flavored just the way you prefer. Have fun and save money along the way!
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  • healthier choices
  • The best beverages start with the best water. That's why we suggest you use 99.99% pure Primo filtered water ( for a healthier and consistent premium taste time after time.

    Primo's Sparkling Beverage Mixes are delicious and better for you. We use 100% natural flavors and only real sugar - no high fructose corn syrup.

    Our classic soda mixes have about half the calories of the branded beverages, and all taste great! We also have low calorie fruit sparklers and zero calorie diet options. Start pumping your favorite Sparkling Beverage Mix and you can have Better Living At Your Fingertips!

  • smarter choice
  • One 16.9 fl oz. bottle of Sparkling Beverage Mix makes the equivalent of 24 cans of soda. Imagine all the room you'll save in your fridge and pantry! Because you are in control of creating your own beverage, choose the level of flavor and carbonation strength you desire and enjoy.

    Primo's Sparkling Beverage Mixes are a delicious way to save money and manage your budget. Since you make your drinks by the serving, every drink is equally fresh and you won't have to pour half empty cans and bottles down the drain.

    The Primo Flavorstation - easy, convenient, and a great value. That's a smarter choice. That's Better Living At Your Fingertips.

  • earth-friendly
  • Each year over 30 billion beverage bottles and cans are consumed in the U.S. alone. By re-using the carbonation bottle and Sparkling Beverage Mixes with your Primo Flavorstation, you're helping the environment along the way.

    That's better living for everyone!