• The Empty Sparkler CO2 Cylinder Exchange Process!

    The Empty Sparkler CO2 Cylinder Exchange Process!

    Primo Flavorstation Empty Sparler (CO2) Cylinder Exchange Process!.

  • New Flavorstation appliances feature Quick-Connect CO2 adaptors!

    New Flavorstation appliances feature Quick-Connect CO2 adaptors!

    The New Primo Flavorstation appliances feature Quick-Connect CO2 adapters! Eliminate the repetitive threading.

  • Bayonet Bottle Connection

    New Flavorstation Appliances feature Bayonet Connections!

    New Flavorstation appliances feature Bayonet Connections on our bottles. Convient and secure connection in just a quarter-turn!

  • FSS Technology

    Select New Flavorstation Appliances feature FSS Technology!

    Customize the sparkling intensity of your beverages and enjoy!

  • Flavorstation family fun

    This is gonna be fun!

    Primo Flavorstation is the fun and easy way to make sodas and sparkling beverages yourself at home. Mothers, Dad and kids love making their own beverage choice.

Empty Sparklers

When your Primo Sparkler is empty you have two options to exchange your CO2 cylinder:

  1. Order a replacement cylinder online – simply follow the instructions on our website to order your exchange or spare CO2 cylinders and in a few days you’ll have them delivered and ready to use. We always recommend having an extra cylinder or two at home so you can have uninterrupted usage of your Flavorstation appliance. Your post-confirmation email from the Primo Store will provide specific instruction on how to return the empty CO2 cylinders to Primo.
  2. Visit a local participating retailer using our Store Locator. Today our CO2 exchange is available at over 1,000 Lowe’s Home Improvement retail locations nationwide. Simply take your empty CO2 cylinder to the customer service counter and a store associate will provide you with a ticket for your exchange purchase. Visit the Flavorstation display to retrieve your new full Primo Sparkler and then head to the checkout aisle. At checkout, a store associate will ring up your new Primo Sparkler and deduct the price of your exchange ticket, leaving you with a $14.99 CO2 exchange transaction.